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In Pentágono we strive not only to create beautiful atmospheres but also to challenge the spectator in order to awaken their curiosity about art and design. For the company, Prologis, we made a unique and site-specific artwork which completes the general design consisting of organic shapes and calm colors. For this interview, we had a talk with the company’s marketing manager, Begoña Sordo, about their experiences and interactions with the art that surrounds them at their office.

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Inspired by this multinational logistics real estate company, Pentagono captured its essence through a Topographic visual concept that symbolizes their constant territorial evolution. The creative process led to an experimental blending of organic traces and layers on diverse surfaces.

The outcome was a series of three-dimensional interventions around the office area. Located at the central staircase is a 430 X 80 cm hand-teared cotton paper artwork, titled “Land Echoes”. Both the main entrance and board room are surrounded by full height white carved walls. Following the same visual pattern, all meeting rooms are covered with layered acoustic panels and signage plates combine two materials to evoke topographic features. Other details include stereotomic wooden letters and printed films on glass & furniture.

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We are happy to see that the people working at Prologis keep enjoying the space designed and intervened by Pentagono. We also want to thank Paloma Gómez (Human Resources Director), Ivan Ramírez (Office Manager) and Alejandro (Office Keeper), for taking the time to share their thoughts about their daily experiences with the art in their office.

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