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The Secret Mind


Grupo CP


This project is formed by three levels, (floors 16 through 18) and each level is comprised of approximately 1570 sq. m. (16,900 sq. ft.). The shape of the floor plan is trapezoidal with a core towards the back that does not reach the facade.

Pentagono® participated with specialised furniture, graphic arts and applications, thus generating an architectural balance in conjunction with the identification of spaces and visual communication. Each level incorporates particular details that generate an integral thematic concept related to the company’s business areas: City, Health and Automotive.

The architectural program includes spaces such as a vestibule, lobby, open areas, private rooms, conference rooms, executive dining rooms, informal meeting rooms or casual collisions, one-to-one rooms, training areas, support areas, IDFs, technology rooms, digitalization rooms, cash register, among others.

Level 16 is private with mostly open areas for collaborators, level 18 is private with holding areas for executives and level 17 is public with a large training area.

In the design of these offices, sustainability in operation and design was contemplated from the start, featuring low energy consumption, through lower-than-standard illumination levels, low VOC contents in the products to be used and standardization of materials, with all the benefits that this carries.


Architecture: Juan Carlos Baumgartner/Gabriel Téllez (spAce Arquitectura)

Custom Furniture & Visual Arts: Pentagono®

Collaborators: Marcos Aguilar, Humberto Soto, Diana Casarrubias, Yuri Rodríguez, Antonio Calera, Fernando Lim, Lab Design.

Location: Terret Building - Polanco, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Mexico City.

Construction: GAIA

Furniture: Herman Miller

Construction period: November 2013 - July 2014

Photography: Adrenorama