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6 millions years ago human life commenced yet we have only been here a mereinstant. The destiny of planet earth is and has always been an adaptation to inevitable change. The rings in the water amplify when volcanoes roar and birds scatter, fleeing from the trees. Even when we become nothing but a cataclysmic echo, the surface will be steadily reshaped by tectonic uplift, extrusions and erosions. Nature’s resilience will absorb our fossils, minerals, textures and colors, creating deeper sediments in the ancient memory of rocks. White noise deafens the river and glitches appear like lightning in the quick-silvery sky, rebooting the compositions of all previous states.

The world will go on as before.


Commission Artists: Bicho Blanco

Architecture: Bernardi + Peschard.

Art Consulting: Pentagono®.

Construction: Atxk.

Project Manager: EGA project management.

Photography & Video: Pentagono®.

TWT_Raul_mural 4.jpg

Mexico City-based illustrator, Raúl Urias, created the commission for Twitter’s open office working area. Centered in the middle of the mural is a contemporary interpretation of the Aztec goddess, Coatlicue, dressed in folkloric mexican garments while being surrounded by the hectic big city life. The composition of the work is lively and vibrant paying homage to the great Mexican muralists like Rivera, Camarena and Orozco but at the same time portraying modern Mexican culture.

TWT_Raul_mural 2 WEB.jpg
TWT_Raul_mural 11 WEB.jpg
TWT_Raul_mural 6 WEB.jpg
TWT_Raul_mural 7 WEB.jpg
TWT_Rocca_mural 1.jpg

Rocca´s abstract and dynamic figures grace the end wall of the offices on the 3rd floor. In close conversation with Twitter, Rocca developed a visual narrative where the figures are tightly gathered as if posing for a group photo. The mural conveys a sense of community and create a joyous work environment while using the artist’s signature elements like organic shapes and strong contrast of colors.

TWT_Rocca_mural 4 WEB.jpg
TWT_Rocca_mural 7 WEB.jpg
TWT_Rocca_mural 11.jpg

Street artist, Farid Rueda, intervened the Twitter’s Blue Room walls with a dramatic eagle drawing based on the Aztec legend from the founding of Mexico City. The space will be used for interviews with popular guests and other media-related activities.

Farid 2 WEB.jpg